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Empowering developers to build the spaces where life happens

Real Estate Development Material Sourcing Marketplace
Who are we

Source the highest quality direct materials for large, complex projects all in one place


Get connected directly to developers building in your area to sell your materials hassle free


Join our investment community early to become a part of the future of material sourcing

How it works

How it works

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Our easy to use platform takes the complex process of managing direct material orders and gives it a fresh new look. All your orders and selections in one place, organized so you can make important decisions with better information quicker.

Smart Marketplace

By integrating the takeoff into our database along with direct material supplier product data, we can dynamically provide real time selections curated to your exact project needs. Any time you make a change to your material needs, our system automatically populates your selections with the current data.

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Our Team

Finniva's team is bold, kind, and adaptive. We lean on Mike's experience running a development company and a door supply company to ensure everything we do matters to the user. Drop a line with any of us to get started exploring what Finniva can do for you!

Things are heating up... send us a message to see if you may be a fit for the unique cohort of Beta users coming in April

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